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We offer advice and support to small businesses to enable them to meet the challenges of the digital transformation.
What digital assets for your business?
Whether to adapt to change to stay competitive and grow your business, digital business transformation has become essential to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.
We are facilitators of digital innovation for craftsmen and small businesses.

Optimize Your
Business Operations!

* TOTAKY Ltd is a digital transformation consulting firm. Our head office is in London, we have a strong presence in France and we operate throughout Europe and Asia. We are members of the FKCCI (French-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
* Our firm advises and assists craftsmen, retailers and small businesses in understanding the digital challenges in their activities and effecting a suitable and profitable digital transition with confidence and peace of mind.
* We help small businesses to carry out their digital transformation and organise their activity; for example, optimising schedules, dematerialising the invoicing process, exchanging with third parties, suppliers and clients, etc., while retaining their advantages of responsiveness and proximity.
* Since digital technology is inseparable these days from the activity of a small business and indispensable to its development, we set out the most realistic digital strategy to enable it to face competition, increase its share of the market and achieve milestones with a personalised road map.
* What sets us apart is our combined mobilisation of expertise and skills in the areas of financial analysis, accounting, law, and digital and information technology.
* We also assist small businesses in developing and integrating European financing programmes (H2020 SME). We facilitate relationships with French speakers.

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